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The Importance of Morning Routines

As human beings, we like to feel a sense of consistency. This doesn't mean that all of us enjoy the exact same thing every day, but to have some of the basics of each day remain consistent is what gets us through the day without chaos ensuing (most of the time). This month, we are going to focus on why a good morning routine is important to start your day.

Uplifting Moods

When there is consistency in a routine, especially in a morning routine, there is less stress that the body goes through because we are not trying to think of what we need to do at the last minute. With this lack of stress, comes a more uplifted mood in the morning. This is a great base to start the day and sets the tone for the rest of the day at work, school, home, etc.

Increased Physical Health

Having a good morning routine can in fact help your physical health in the long run. Here are a few physical benefits to having a steady morning routine:

  • Increased focus

  • Better quality sleep

  • Stress reduction

Better Time Management

Time management on its own is a touch skill to grasp, but once it's down it can make life so much easier. There is less to think about on a day to day basis, and everything tends to fall into place. When there is time scheduled throughout the day, there is a better chance at productivity. With a consistent morning routine, time management is almost automatically built into your day. You are more aware of what is going to be going on in the morning.

Enhanced Performance

Morning routine = more time = better exercise. When creating a morning routine, think about what is most beneficial to you and your body. A balanced breakfast, journaling time, and some sort of physical exercise that gets your body up and moving. This can be a short walk, a run, or even a YouTube video where you follow along with your favorite exercise creator. The longer that you keep a consistent morning routine, the better your performance is going to be in these areas.

Stronger Habits

All of the consistency in a good morning routine is ultimately going to create better and stronger habits than before. A routine is able to provide a healthy way to fixate on certain aspects of life. It almost might be able to help break a few unhealthy habits that have been formed previously.

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