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Massage Therapy

To schedule a massage appointment please call (989) 285-1818 or email

Please note that we will be implementing a new cancellation policy effective immediately. If you cancel within 23 hours of your appointment, you will be charged 50% of your service price. Please understand this means you may be asked for your credit card to be kept on file. Thank you for your patience and understanding. -Your ZENlightenment Team”

Therapeutic Relaxation Massage 

The Therapeutic Relaxation Massage is a pain free therapy to effectively destress and relax. 

$60 per 60 minute session 

$85 per 90 minute session

Hot or Cold Stone Massage

Hot stones relieve stress and relax muscles. Cold stones reduce inflammation, provide headache relief, and speed recovery. Combine them for relief from health conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis and hypertension. 

$60.00 per session

45 minute sessions

Cranial/Sacral Massage

Gentle touch focused on the head, neck and back to relieve pain due to compression that may be causing headaches, stomach issues, sinus and ear infections and mood disorders.

$60.00 per session

45 to 60 minute sessions

Chair Massage

Reduce stress, alleviate pain and tension and improve productivity. A great mid-day pick me up!! Targeted at the areas that need it most-the neck and shoulders!

$1.00 per minute

5 to 30 minute sessions

Lymphatic Massage

Boosts the body's ability to move lymphatic fluid and remove toxins from the body. Removes swelling and improves circulation.

$60.00 per session

45 minute sessions

Reflexology Massage

Utilizes pressure points in the feet that correspond to the body's organ and nerve systems to relieve stress and improve general well being. A great option for people with limited time or mobility.

$45.00 per session

45 minute sessions

Infant Massage

Targeted toward tiny tummies, Calm fussy baby, promote digestion and comfort.  Free with purchase of a pre-natal massage.

$15.00 per session

10 to 15 minute sessions

Pre-Natal Massage

Utilizes added cushions, bolsters and pillows for mama's ultimate comfort during a massage targeted towards the needs of an expectant mother. Positioning, modalities and pressure based on stage of pregnancy.

$60.00 per session

45 to 60 minute sessions

Assisted Stretching

Led by a licensed massage therapist, assisted stretching allows for more range of motion than when stretching on your own. Benefits include increased flexibility, decreased stiffness and reduction in physical and mental stress

$30.00 for 30 minutes

Infrared Sauna

Basic Sauna Session

Our basic sauna session allows for you to get a quick relaxation in while still be conscious of your busy schedule. Perfect for a lunch break or as an add-on to another package.

$15.00 per session

 20 minute sessions

$10.00 for each additional person

Extended Sauna Session

Want a little extra time for the deep sauna experience? The extended sauna session allows you to sit for 40 minutes and soak up all of the infrared rays to leave feeling the most relaxed.

$30.00 per session

40 minute sessions

$15.00 for each additional person

Pre/Post Workout or Massage Session

Want to either start your workout or massage session with a quick steam? Or relax your muscles post workout? Add on an abbreviated sauna session to any purchased service at a discounted price!

$10.00 per session

20 minute sessions 

must be used same day as a purchased service

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