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How to Keep Your Sanity this Holiday Season

While the holidays are full of fun times and togetherness for most of us, we also can become overwhelmed from all the festivities. Between families, presents and constant festivities, holidays can be stressful. These 5 tips will help you stay stay sane this holiday season so you can take full advantage of the fun times from Thanksgiving to the New Year.

Practice Acceptance

We all have expectations. Remember in Christmas Vacation when Clarke started losing his mind when things weren't going according to plan? That's not that far off from what most of us tend to do. It's okay to feel disappointed that your sister missed her flight or that your oven decided to break down the year you're hosting, but it's also important to not dwell on it. Focus on managing your expectations, take a deep breath when things happen and think of a plan B. The holidays are much more enjoyable when you take away the pressure to be perfect.

Set Boundaries

We all have those people in our life that we love, but don't always like. That's where boundaries help us stay a little more sane. Be clear with your boundaries. Maybe you keep certain things off limits at the dinner table or maybe you excuse yourself when a conversation is upsetting. Also don't let the holidays become an excuse for people to disrespect your boundaries.

Lists are Your Friend

It seems like during the holidays we are constantly having to keep track of things whether that be gifts we need to buy, food we need to buy for Thanksgiving or people we need to see before the new year. Lists are a great way to keep track of everything. It will also help you to not feel so overwhelmed by everything.

It's Okay to Say No

Although the holidays are a time to give and get together with loved ones, sometimes we have to pick and choose our battles. Maybe you have many thanksgivings to go to between blended families and in-laws. Maybe you just got word that a family member that isn't good for your mental health is coming to dinner. Saying no isn't selfish and is a complete sentence. Do what you need to in order to guard your sanity.

Take Some Time Away

While we love spending time with our loved ones, it's also important to take time to recharge. Maybe you have a large amount of loved ones over or you're the guest at a large gathering. Don't be afraid to get away for about 20 minutes. Just tell someone you need to make a quick phone call and step outside if you don't feel that you can communicate with your loved one that you need a moment. Needing some alone time doesn't make you mean or anti-social. It's important to take care of your needs.

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