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Signs that You Need a Mental Health Day and How to Take One

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

All of us have needed a sick day at least once in our lives. It's not hard to tell when you are feeling under the weather physically, but it's a lot harder to know when you need a break mentally. Until recently, mental health wasn't something we knew much about, and many people didn't talk about their need for a mental break. Now that we are more aware of the importance of mental wellness and as our world becomes more hectic, it is especially important to recognize the signs that you need a sick day for your mental health.

You've lost your ability to focus

We've all had those days when we can't seem to focus. When we're starting at or computer trying to remember what we were doing. Those days are normal, but if you're experiencing this feeling more days than not, you might be in need of a mental health day.

You're having trouble sleeping

Are you unable to fall asleep or stay asleep? Not only does lack of sleep affect your mental health, but stress and anxiety can affect your sleep! Making it difficult to get out of a sleep deprivation cycle unless you nip it in the bud quickly!

You're getting chronic headaches

Chronic Stress can cause chronic headaches. When your body is in fight or flight more for an extended period of time, your body has a chemical response throughout the body including blood vessels.

You don't feel like yourself

Are you just not feeling like yourself? Are you more irritable or sad than normal. While those could obviously be for other reasons, chronic stress and burnout can cause us feel those feelings.

How to Have a Mental Health Day

The key to a Mental Health Day is listening to what your body and mind need. Different people are going to need different things to recharge. Sometimes all your body and mind want is to rest or relax. It's okay to do nothing on your Mental Health Day but nap, if that's what your mind and body need. Maybe you want a day of pampering. Some people recharge by spending time with the people they love. If that's you, grab some friends and have a fun day out. The only rules to Mental Health Days are to avoid things that interfere with your mental and physical wellness so avoid large amounts of alcohol, too much unhealthy food, smoking or other substances as well as spending all day on social media.

Suggestions for a Mental Health Day.

  • Book a massage

  • Visit the sauna

  • Go to a yoga class (or other favorite fitness class)

  • Go on a day trip somewhere (alone or with loved ones)

  • Grab some friends and go to the park

  • Nap

  • Veg out and watch movies

  • Get mani-pedis

  • Try a float pod

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