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Establishing Healthy Boundaries in the New Season

Fall signifies new beginnings. The beginning of the school year, a new season of our favorite cold weather hobbies and the start of a new holiday season! With this comes new opportunities, new obligations and more social interactions. It can be hard to prioritize your time with all the new and exciting opportunities that come your way. Many of us are people pleasers. We don't want to disappoint people. Maybe we want to be successful at work so we take on that extra project even though we don't necessarily have the time or energy for more. Lack of boundaries almost always leads to burnout which can then lead into depression. It's important to be proactive by setting boundaries to keep our minds and spirits healthy. But setting boundaries can feel scary when you're not used to doing it. These are some things to keep in mind so you can have a healthy and happy fall season and beyond!

No Is A Complete Sentence

Many of us struggle to say no. It's human nature to feel the need to explain when we turn someone down. But when we offer that explanation we send the message that our boundaries are negotiable. Challenge yourself to say no without explaining. It will feel uncomfortable at first, but like all new habits it will get easier with practice.

You are Not Responsible for Other People's Feelings or Thoughts

Often times when we start establishing boundaries we run into people who do not respect or understand those boundaries. Maybe you're worried about what your colleagues will say when you don't jump at the opportunity to take on a new project or maybe your sister is upset with you because you couldn't take her kids for a weekend. It's not healthy to base your life on other's opinions or needs at the expense of your own happiness.

Realize you own your time.

Often times when we say no to someone or something we are in turn saying yes to ourselves. Time is a precious and limited resource for all of us. We have all at times felt the consequences of giving our time to everyone but ourselves. It can feel selfish to prioritize your time for yourself when you aren't used to it.

It's up to you to vocalize those boundaries

It's human nature to want to make others happy especially someone we care about. But when that comes at the expense of our own happiness that then can cause issues in those relationships. It's also not fair to your loved ones to expect them to know and respect your boundaries without ever vocalizing them.

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