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Call upon the natural healing properties of the forest with Spruce Essential Oil. Our Spruce Essential Oil is steam distilled from the pine needles of the Picea mariana tree. It has a medium-strength aroma that’s fresh, evergreen, woody, and earthy with a top-middle fragrance note.


Spending time in forests has powerful benefits for the mind, body, and soul. Using Spruce Essential Oil (also known as Black Spruce Essential Oil) allows you to connect with nature wherever you are. It helps with mental fatigue, turns the volume down on anxious thoughts, and provides a feeling of rooted stability.


Spruce Essential Oil is a robust source of natural compounds called monoterpenes and esters. These compounds are anti-inflammatory and may help relieve chronic pain, muscle aches, and more. Additionally, studies have shown that Spruce Essential Oil may help support the upper respiratory system and ease breathing issues.

Spruce Essential Oil-15ml

  • 30 Day Returns

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