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ZENlightenment's Mission Statement

At ZENlightenment, we seek to promote holistic wellness, which encompasses 7 dimensions: spiritual, physical, emotional, career, intellectual, environmental, and social. We aim to accomplish this feat by offering a variety of services to meet each individual where they are to best fit their current needs and desires. We understand that a one-size fits all approach is not best practice, so we treat each client as their own person through active listening and mindfulness. 

Core Values

The Seven Dimensions of Wellness

Our Core Values center around the seven dimensions of wellness, often referred to as SPECIES:


Spiritual: one's desire to find meaning and purpose in life, not  necessarily directly related to religion. 

Physical: maintaining and exceeding abilities of the              body, including nutrition, activity, and avoiding illness. 

Emotional: the awareness and ability to express both negative and positive emotions in a healthy manner. 

Career: personal satisfaction and fulfillment from one's chosen occupation.  

Intellectual: one's desire for creative and stimulating mental activities.

Environmental: the recognition of responsibility towards sustainment of the air, water, and Earth. 

Social: the ability to develop and maintain health relationships with positive individuals.

Our trained staff have the formal education and experience in order to assist you in achieving each of these dimensions. 

What We Specialize In

Become More Mindful of Your Mental Health Through Therapy and Success Coaching

Recharge and Have a Spiritual Breakthrough with our Energy Healing  and Spiritual Coaching

Relax and Spend Time on Yourself with our Specialized Massage Services

Participate in Specialized One-on-One or Group Yoga and Meditation

Build Strength Through Individualized and Group Fitness

Stay Connected for Healthy Tips and Tricks

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Photo of Zenlightenment Wellness Center grand opening in Alma, MI
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